Unveiling the Hebrew Year 5781

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God speaks prophetically from the calendar. We are to be in sync with God’s times and seasons (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Genesis 8:22). We can see from the Bible that numbers are important to Him. Numbers don’t define or dictate, and there isn’t any power in numbers, but they glorify God. They are prophetic or predictive markers, but we must turn to see the voice as Moses did (Exodus 3:4). Hearing His voice begins with turning aside to look. Numbers have layers of revelations, and they can have both a redeeming and non-redeeming version. They show us where we are to look and see Jesus. As we acknowledge Him, He directs our paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

The Hebrew or Jewish calendar is a lunisolar calendar based on seasons (circular) established from creation. In contrast, the Gregorian/Roman calendar is linear (times) and based on the time from Christ’s birth. The Gregorian calendar new year begins each January 1st. The Hebrew calendar moves forward on the first day of Tishrei (the seventh month), also known as the Feast of Trumpets and Rosh Hashanah, which this year began at sundown on September 18, 2020. The feasts that God instituted after He brought the children of Israel out from the bondage of Egypt was to get cycles of Blessings that break cycles of destruction to bring us deeper into the plans and purposes of God.

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. Any Hebrew letter has three different values; 1) a phonic sound, 2) a numerical value, and 3) a prophetic picture or sign. Let’s look at what 5781 means.

5 = Heh (Hei); look or be watchful, (in Scripture it refers to God’s grace); picture – eye

7 = Zayin; crown; (in Scripture the number seven relates to completion or perfection; manifest presence); picture – plow (takes action in the harvest; don’t look back – Luke 9:62)

8 = Chet; life (in Scripture refers to new beginnings); picture – fence or wall; (separate; different (Holy))

1 = Aleph; Master, teacher; (in Scripture it refers to God); it is a silent letter and has no sound; picture – Ox (strong, leads)

5700 = may it be the year of. When we came into both 2020 and 5780, we went into a new decade and era. Twenty means expectancy (i.e., of His goodness). 80 in Hebrew is Pey and means mouth (speech, word, vocalization). We are to open our mouth, speak out, and proclaim the truth, but there has been resistance (covering our mouths with masks, sheltering in place, social distancing, etc.).

5781 is in a new era and a changing of the wineskin (Mark 2:21-22). We must do things differently. How we do things has changed. God is innovative. We live by a different spirit than the world. We have a spirit of revival. God is visiting us with His Holy Spirit in outdoor services, and at the beaches, etc. The church has gone into the marketplace. Riots have paved the way for revivals and a fresh fire of the Holy Spirit! We are not to judge what God is doing by what we see in the natural realm. People couldn’t see a revival coming in the world or the church by what was going on in past times, either. But God is always moving behind the scenes in the invisible realm, and His timing is perfect (Psalm 2). We are to keep our spirits tuned to Him to see and hear spiritually. We are to be a thermostat, not a thermometer. We can change the atmosphere!

Draw close to God, the One and only One

There are layers of revelations in the year 5781. The numerical value for Aleph (1) refers to the One and only One, God as the Master of the Universe. We need to focus on and listen to the One and develop intimacy with Him.  Draw close to God and choose the one thing as Mary did (Luke 10:42). We receive revelation and wisdom when we spend time with Him. We may need to fight to spend and maintain time with Him.

Your face represents you. God’s face represents His presence (Numbers 6:23 – 27). His visitation can be His judgment to draw us to repentance. God is a God of justice as well as love and grace. Habakkuk chapters 2 – 3 discuss why God releases judgment into the world. When God turns His face from you, it is in judgment (i.e., out of His protection, not listening to your requests). He does this because He loves us so much, He will do what it takes for us to return to Him (Hosea 5:15).

The solution is to seek His face (Proverbs 8:17; Jeremiah 29:13). God wants to be face to face with us so that we can receive His blessings (good, beneficial, fruitful, increase, abundance, life, etc.). He doesn’t want a relationship only but the intimacy of fellowship.


This Aleph (1) year can refer to unity or oneness with no division (Psalm 133; Ephesians 4:1-6; 12-13). Unity doesn’t mean an agreement, but a covenant like a husband and a wife in marriage (Matthew 19:5). We must walk in love. It is a year we are to be knitted together and connected to be part of a tribe.

Year to Break the Curse

This Aleph (1) year reveals strength, as we see from the picture of the ox. We see relational words that describe God’s strength, power, and care (i.e., Adonai, Elohim, El, I AM, Father). It is a year to break the curse. God wants to set us free from the curse (Galatians 3:13). A curse is an open door of the devil and the opposite of blessings. But we can break curses. In the presence of every curse, God has a blessing waiting for us. We can ask the Lord to teach us how to break any curses we see in our lives.  Psalm 18 shows us how to get a breakthrough from the stronghold.

If you are under a curse, turn to God, confess and repent of sin, then command the curse to be broken in the name of Jesus. God’s Word is powerful (Hebrews 4:12), and every word we say has power (Proverbs 18:21). When we speak God’s Word, His rule is established. Likewise, when God’s word is released, He will watch over it and cause it to come to pass (Jeremiah 1: 12; Isaiah 55:11). So, don’t murmur and complain or speak negative words and curses, which can release demons to affect your life and situation. Instead, make faith declarations this year (Psalm 107:20)!

The Blessing is more powerful than a curse and breaks the curse (Deuteronomy 28:1, 11). Jesus came to reverse the curse, the effects of the fall (i.e., sickness and disease, poverty, and lack). We are not under the curse but over it! The 1st Adam was a living soul and had life. Jesus, the last Adam, is a quickening spirit with the power to give life (1 Corinthians 15:45)! Christ is in us, and we are to represent Jesus Christ on the earth (Colossians 1:27; 2 Corinthians 5:20; Ephesians 2:10; 4:1-3).

Align with the Ox Nature and the Ox Anointing

We have an anointing to break the curse, a breakthrough anointing to deliver. It will be important this Aleph (1) year to align with the ox nature and the ox anointing. An ox is a strong burden bearer and doesn’t give up or give in. The Israelites used the ox in all three parts of the harvest (i.e., to plow and break up the fallow ground, in seed planting, and for threshing the grain, as well as pulling carts). The ox nature is apostolic because it plows the land and builds with sacrifice and humility.

Jesus handed the governance back to us to walk in the world with His power, authority, and dominion. We govern with our mouth! The anointing is in us (1 John 2:27). We don’t need more power; we need to increase our faith (Mark 11:22; Romans 10:17). We need to believe what we say and meditate on our authority (Mark 11:24; Luke 10:19; Matthew 28:18-20). As sons and daughters of God, we are to bring the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven to earth (Matthew 6:10).

Watch Our Words

Jesus only spoke what He heard the Father say. We should do the same. We need to listen to what the Father is saying so we can speak what He is saying. The enemy will attempt to silence us when we are supposed to speak. We are not to remain silent when God says to speak! But there may be times when God wants us to be silent so He can fight for us. Jesus didn’t open His mouth to defend Himself (Isaiah 53:7). There may be times when we need to let our words go to God and pray for people and the situations, we find ourselves. God will vindicate us (Matthew 12:36 – 37).

We need to be wise in what we speak (Ephesians 4:29 – 32; Proverbs 24:6). It is also important to be aware of our tone when speaking and not to have a rebellious spirit with the wrong attitude. We must speak the truth in love. We represent God’s nature. He is redemptive, and He is love! This is the year only to say what He tells us to say and to watch over the words of our mouths. We may need to adjust our hearts because our words come from there (Matthew 12:34; Proverbs 16:23).

This age belongs to us, the church, but the spirit of the antichrist has a big mouth and is trying to change the times and seasons to a time that does not belong to him yet (2 Thessalonians 2). He tries to get us out of sync with God. We are handpicked by God to be in this generation (Esther 4:14). We are not to be afraid but courageous. 2020 is the year we must pass the test (Exodus 20:20). Our future shall be peace (Psalm 37:37). God gives us His grace for every time and season because there is a cross that guaranteed victory no matter the time or season. Jesus has already defeated the enemy. God has told us in His Word what to expect and what will happen. We win (Revelation 11:15; 21:1-8, 22)!

References: Chuck Pierce – Head of the Year Celebration 5781 with Robert Heidler, Issac Petri, Troy Brewer and Dutch Sheets on Facebook; Patricia King-  Prophetic Insights for 5781 on Facebook; Steve Schultz and Curt Landry – Prepare for Rosh Hashanah 5781 on Facebook.

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